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卢旺达共和国西面与刚果民主共和国交界,东邻坦桑尼亚,北与乌干达接壤,南连布隆迪。国土面 26338平方公里,人口约1500万。全国分为东方、南方、西方、北方四省和基加利市,有“千丘之国”之称。首都基加利市气候宜人、市容整洁、交通有序、治安良好,被认为是非洲最安全的首都之一,并在2008年成为非洲首个获得“联合国人居奖”的城市。



The Republic of Rwanda borders the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the west, Tanzania in the east, Uganda in the north and Burundi in the south. The country covers an area of 26338 square kilometers and has a population of approximately 15 million. The country is divided into four provinces: East, South, West, and North, and Kigali City, known as the "Land of Thousand Hills". The capital city of Kigali has a pleasant climate, clean appearance, orderly transportation, and good public security. It is considered one of the safest capitals in Africa and became the first city in Africa to receive the United Nations Habitat Award in 2008.

Rwanda is one of the most open and rapidly developing countries in sub Saharan Africa, and has successively joined international organizations such as the East African Community (EAC), the Southeast African Community (COMESA), and the Commonwealth. In 2022, Rwanda's gross domestic product was 12 billion US dollars, with a per capita gross domestic product of 1004 US dollars and an economic growth rate of 8.2%.

Rwanda is known as the "miracle of Africa," "heart of Africa," and "Singapore of Africa." It has been repeatedly listed by international organizations such as the World Bank as the country with the fastest pace of reform in sub Saharan Africa. In 2020, the Kigali International Financial Center, affiliated with state-owned enterprise Rwanda Finance Limited, began operations with the main goal of shaping Rwanda's image as an investment destination country and promoting financial industry reform. Rwanda leverages its geographical advantage located in the center of Africa to actively engage in investment promotion, hoping to vigorously develop education and technology, promote the development of commercial economy, and build Rwanda into a financial, commercial, and educational center in Africa.

The characteristics of investment in Rwanda are that China has very friendly relations with Rwanda, the political situation in Rwanda is stable, social security is good, the urban sanitation environment is very clean and tidy, the people are very simple and hardworking, civil servants have a strong sense of service, government officials are relatively honest, and the prominent feature is the high status of the financial center, free foreign exchange transactions, and the free remittance of US dollars at any time. Chinese people's entry and landing visas are very convenient.



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